Wireless Door Motion Guarding Sensor

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?Fantastic guard for your house.

?Suitable for home and office but not for outdoor, it's not waterproof.

?Loud alarm of 105dB to scare the intruder.

?Magnetic sensor.

?Distance between magnetic sensor and device should be shorter than 10mm.

?Make sure the magnetic sensor and device are separate when open the door.

Product Attributes: 

Color: White

Quantity: 1 Pcs

Power Supply: 2xAAA batteries(Batteries are not included)

Working Temperature: -10?-60?

Working Humidity: <80%

Device Size(approx.): 4.2 x 2 x 8.2cm(L x W x H)

How to use:

1.Make sure the device is not in guarding.(LED flash every 3secs)

2.Press No. 1 button more than 2secs and the device rings Bi, LED flashed, it gets into setting password.

3.Press old password(First time to set password is 1234), after it rings Bi Bi, press new password, when it rings Bi Bi, it's finished.

4.Set the alarming time span, press No. 2 button more than 2secs and gets into setting,

    press No.1 button and it rings Bi Bi Bi, the time span is changed to 0sec

    Press No. 2 button and it changed to 3secs

    Press No. 3 button and it changed to 5secs

    Press No. 4 button and it changed to 10secs

5.Organize/retreat a defense, press the on/off button when it's standby state and it rings Bi Bi Bi, it will be alert after 15secs and LED flash every 3secs,press password and on/off button to retreat.

6. Press password in 3sec and press on/off button after open the door to retreat the defense, otherwise, it will alarm for 15secs every 30secs until the door  is closed.

Package Includes:

1 x Main Device

1 x Magnetic Sensor

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