Digital LED Battery Tester

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Digital LED Patent Battery Checker By 1.2v, 1.5v, 3v, 9v Silver Durable Battery Measuring tool

Specification : 


1. Easy, Quick, Safe,  Easily measure battery voltage and capacity left

2. It is pyactical and easy to operate,  An epochal patent battery tester

3. Used for 1.2v, 1.5v, 3v, 9v battery

4. Widely use in Ni-H battery, NiCd, Zinc Carbon, Rechargable batteries

5. Battery fit : AAA, AA, C, D, Button cell, PP3

6. LED display gives an accurate and easy battery reading for both Voltage  and Capacity

7. Measure Accurancy : 0.5v;  Resolution : 0.1v;  Voltage Test Range : 0. 2v-10.5v

8. Working Temperature and Humidity : 0 degree-40 degree, 75%

9. Storage Tempreture and Humidity : -10 degree-50 degree, 85%

10. Operation Battery : 2 x AAA1.5v

11. Size : 8.8*4.5*3.1cm(Without packing)

12. Color : Silver


Package includes : 

 1 x Digital LED Battery Tester

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