Travel USB Water Bottle Cap-Humidifier

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Unique design of the bottle cap humidifier

Best choice for office, sitting room, car and yoga

Increase the air humidifier, make your skin away from dryness

The water bottle spout is identical

Filter only for the humidifier

5 hours usable time once

Power consumption: DC5V, 2W

No need for cleaning or sterilizing

Recommended to keep the product after dried from Sunshine

Please plug out if there is no water or you do not use it
Color: Blue 

Note: For specify color, please leave a eBay Message / eBay Note / PayPal Note when you place the order, or we will ship color randomly

How to use:

Insert a filter to bottom part (bracket) of your humidifier "STRONGLY"

Adjust a humidifier to the cap part of a water bottle and screw

Connect USB cable for power-on


Adhere a filter to the bracket as possible as closely. If not, the humidifier could not work

We recommend to use a filter during 3 month and then change to new one

If water goes through the humidifier, it could be out of order

After using, you had better take off power cable

Package includes:

1 x Bottle Cap Humidifier-
1 x USB Power Cable-
2 x Filter

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