Oxygen Bar Air Purifier Freshener Anion Ionizer For Car

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Description :

l         100% Brand New

l         High Quality

l         Suit in all 12V car power.

l         Plug and play.

l         It produces the ozone and anion can rapidly clear up the air inside the car, eliminating soot, peculiar smell.

l         It also have the function of sterilization. As if in the forest in the purified air.

l         It has the best medicine functions, reducing chances of cough, sneeze, asthma and so on.

Specifications :

l         Input : +12V

l         Ozone density : 3mg/h

l         Anion density : >=60million/ CM3

l         Operating current : <60MA

l         Color : Black

Package Includes 
1 x Car's Oxygen Bar

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