Island In The Sun

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Scandal, political intrigue and interracial romance on a steamy Caribbean island... It's 1957 on the tropical island of Santa Marta, where a charismatic new black leader (Harry Belafonte) threatens to unset British rule. No less than four scandalous love affairs intertwine to affect his wealthy, ambitious rival, Maxwell Fleury (James Mason). Filled with murderous rage over his wife's infidelity, Fleury also posesses a secret heritage that could make or break his political career. Meanwhile, his equally opportunistic sister (joan Collins) attempts to entrap an English lord (Stephen Boyd) into marriage. Also starring Dorothy Dandridge and Joan Fontaine, this engaging film set against a spectacular island backdrop is a worthy addition to any collection of film classics.

Actor(s): James Mason, Joan Fontaine, Dorothy Dandridge, 
Harry Belafonte

Director(s): Robert Rossen

Year of Release: 1957    

Running Time: 119 minutes
Region: ALL REGIONS    
Colour: Colour    

Aspect: Widescreen
Will Play: Worldwide

In order to watch this dvd, you will need a multi-zone dvd player.


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