Triple Cross

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Eddie Chapman was one of the most bizarre characters to emerge from World War II and his extraordinary exploits form the subject of TRIPLE CROSS, the star-packed 1960s movie from acclaimed ‘James Bond’ director TERENCE YOUNG (Dr No.From Russia with Love, Thunderbaln. Suave, witty, daring, handsome and utterly amoral, British safe-cracker Eddie Chapman is quite prepared to work for whichever side offers him the greater thrills – and the more money. He can either offer his services as a spy to the Nazis or remain loyal to Britain and face a lengthy jail sentence. He opts for the former. But various Nazis doubt Chapman’s loyalty to their cause, and with good reason. Making contact with the British, chapman offers to act as a double agent – for a fee, of course. Thus a ‘legend’ is born. But just how far is Chapman prepared to lie and scheme to help one side win the War? TRIPLE CROSS stars some of the great names of cinema, headed by CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER (The Sound of Music) as Chapman, with ROMY SCHNEIDER (What’s New, Pussycat?), TREVOR HOWARD (Brief Encounter, The Third Man), ‘Bond’ villain GERT FROBE (Goldfinger). ‘Bond’ girl CLAUDINE AUGER (Thunderball) and YUL BRYNNER (The King and I).

Actor(s): Christopher Plummer, Romy Schneider and Trevor Howard

Director(s): Terence Young

Year of Release: 1966    Running Time: 120
Region: ALL REGIONS    
Colour: Colour    Aspect: Widescreen
Will Play: Worldwide Excluding USA/Canada

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