Diamond-Shaped Glass Car Perfume Ornament

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Do not worry, this car perfume, is able to get rid of bad smells, refreshing,
makes your driving easier and more comfortable

A variety of colors, a variety of taste options, inexpensive, you should not hesitate to buy it! ! !

Natural flavor, completely non-toxic, safe to use(Random delivery)

How to use:

1 Gently rotating, open the wooden cover and remove the white soft rubber stopper

2 Covered with wooden lid, and tightened.

3 Wooden lid of the bottle cover inverted 10 seconds -20 seconds,
making infiltration volatile oil bottle inside rope

4 Make sure that the perfume hanging in the line of sight does not affect the driver's position

Friendly tips:

- Please do not operate this product during driving

- When hanging choose the right height, so as not to affect the driver's line of sight

Package includes:

1 x Car Perfume

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