The Americano

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Set against the savage and scenic splendour of Brazil's famous Matto Grosso jungle-country, this scorching south-of-the-border thriller stars Glenn Ford, Frank Lovejoy, Cesar Romero and the exotic Ursula Thiess.

Having travelled more than a thousand miles, Texan wrangler Sam Dent (Ford) arrives at the Barbossa ranch to trade his prize cargo of Brahman bulls. He quickly discovers that the wealthy cattle king who was to have taken delivery has disappeared, and the suspicious Bento Hermanny (Lovejoy) and his sultry housegirl (torch-singer, Abbe Lane) have taken over. A self-styled bandit chaser (Romero) and the beautiful owner of an adjoining ranch (Thiess) try to help, but only 'the Americano' can untangle this mystery - a spider's web of greed and passion in which, for some strange reason, he's ended up dead centre!

Actor(s): Glenn Ford, Frank Lovejoy, Cesar Romero

Director(s): William Castle

Year of Release: 1955    Running Time: 85 minutes


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