Tyre Gauge

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Features : 

Maintain correct tire pressures and reduce tire wear and extend tire life 

Range from 0-100 PSI, can measure your tyre pressures in KG, BAR or KPA 

Automatically off after 30 seconds 


Material: alloy+plastic 

Color: Silver 

Size: 13.5x7.5x3 

Weight: 48g 

Press ”on” button and select PSI or BAR setting. 

Press the nozzle of the gauge over the tire valve. 

Press firmly to ensure good seal and prevent air escaping.  

Hold gauge on the valve until the reading on the LCD display locks.  
Remove the gauge quickly from the valve and read pressure. 

To retake the reading simply place the nozzle over the tire valve again and repeat. 

Gauge will automatically shut off 30 or 90 seconds after use. 

Gauge can be manually turned off by holding the “on”button down for more than 3 seconds. 
Package Includes : 
1 x tyre pressure gauge 

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